[VIDEO] Paramount – Wolves Under The Full Moon

In 2015, a time when most emcees drop singles on Datafile ‘what what’ and ask as many people as possible to download it with the hopes of making a lasting impression, Paramount has decided to take it a step further by teaming up with Bling & Bands Motion Pictures, a subsidiary of Stable Image Distribution and 3eepee, to bring his followers a lyric video.

Simple but effective with a fresh approach to marketing, The Blacksmithed will be the first to say that a new level has been unlocked. ‘Wolves Under The Full Moon’ is the first single off Paramount’s mixtape ‘Full Moon’. The lyric video is different and entertaining, yet effective in giving his followers just enough taste of what to expect from the mixtape.

In keeping up with the concept, the tape was meant to be dropped on the 31st of October but due to some last minute touch ups the date was pushed back to the 19th of November and to make up for this Paramount dropped an EP called Half Moon.

Watch the ‘Wolves Under The Full Moon’ (Lyric Video) and let us know what you think.

Download the mixtape in the link below.
Download Paramount – Full Moon Mixtape