Lwaistar’s New Single, ‘#CumDuze’ Is Now Available For Download Exclusively On The O.T.E App For Android

The wait is over! Lwaistar’s new single, ‘#CumDuze’ (and its dope album art), is now officially out! He dropped the single on 28 December, a day which also happens to be his birthday. He announced its release via his Twitter account:

The download is exclusive to their official OTE App for Android.

So this is great news for you – only if you have a compatible Android device. It makes sense why this single would be an exclusive release on their Android app: to get more people downloading and using the app. However, even ourselves at The Blacksmithed do not have compatible Android devices that accept the app, and hence we cannot get hold of the song! What a bummer.

We’ll just wait like everyone else who’s in our situation.

Have you heard #CumDuze? What do you think? Let us now in the comments!