[REVIEW] Baw’Chezz – ‘Xtion Figga’

If you have followed EC Hiphop Diaries Season 1 you would be familier with the young Peddie born and raised rapper, Baw Chezz, who was part of a group called The Unknowns.

“Let’s Bhigin”, Baw’Chezz released his debut mixtape called ‘Xtion Figga’ on Saturday 26th December 2015. The project is a well thought conceptual mixtape that starts off with a nightmare of voices shouting out “You aint sh%t!” and it’s tied together by clips from the legendary Muhammad Ali affirming that his the greatest, this gives Baw’Chezz the ring to dance around in!

Xtion Figga has managed to fuse what feels like a ‘kasi vibe’ feel with his delivery and his story telling ability on tracks like ‘Sunnafer Gun Rendition, Khofak Base San and Skhotane On A Budget’ and the ever growing trap influenced sound on tracks like IDC and Deadbeat.

The versatility matched with strong lyricism shown throughout the tape goes to show that Baw’Chezz cannot be boxed in or boxed by any labels thrown at him and the only thing left for one to do is put this tape in a playlist, put the playlist on repeat and wonder what plans Baw’Chezz has for Xtion Figga in 2016? No pressure!

Go over to Baw’Chezz Facebook page to get your copy of this mixtape and let us know what your thoughts of this tape are? “UltraPella”