The Blacksmithed Presents: 100% EC Hip Hop Mix Vol. 1 #100ECMix

As we proceed to find new ways to package local hiphop to present to the listeners, The Blacksmithed has decided to take a whole new approach and make 15 minute mixes that will bring you a variety of artists and flavours all back to back.

The concept was inspired by Timo Abdul Aziz Pahad when he did he did his very successful CPT Hip Hop Mix which captured the CPT hip hop scene. The Blacksmithed has decided to drop a new mix on the 20th of each month. The listener is encouraged to listen and follow up on any new artists they may discover in a mix. Dj’s who are interested in presenting a 100% EC mix should get in touch with us via our Facebook Page.

The first mix is available for steaming and download on The Blacksmithed SoundCloud account below. Enjoy!