[REVIEW] PeeJay – ‘I Rep 5605’

Warning/Disclaimer: This review was written while PeeJay – I Rep 5605 was playing in the background at very (AT VERY HIGH AND JAYED) volumes!!!

A few days ago I read Okmalumkoolkat is going on a tour of Australia… I got it… I can understand why people in a country where Zulu isn’t spoken can invite him even though his set is 80 percent Zulu. Okmalumkoolkat is entertaining! A few days ago I really thought Okmalumkoolkat was one of the kind, cut from a different cloth etc… Today I want to retract that thought. There are some artists out there who are just that nice. Something like language or culture clashes could never stop these artists from crossing over and their fans from enjoying the music!

Thank God for The Blacksmithed, a platform which is committed on finding such acts and shedding some light on them. Today we present PeeJay with his mixtape titled ‘I Rep 5605’.

The tape starts off with an instrumental by John A, one of Eastern Cape’s top producers. Honesty we didn’t get it at first but quickly learnt that the order in which the tracks were placed is as important as the music itself. PeeJay plans to go from 0 to 100 on this one. Production credits are given to John A, K9NE, and Twitch. They did a good job in bringing this vision to life by providing a proper build up through their beats from the intro to Born Vigilante and right through to the bangers like Jay Monate, Isigubhu Somjaivo and Imnandi Le Ngoma.

‘I Rep 5605’ is packed with flashy beats, catchy hooks and smooth flows from PeeJay and the emcees he features, Si-Ye, Vile Blackspeare, X-Zillah, Narcho and Kaytoo. All this would seem empty if they didn’t have the bars to back it! These guys have bars and lines that will have you playing back tracks if you the type to listen to every line.

If there was ever a time you just had to put on for your city/province, this is it. You need to get yourself a copy and another copy for the car! PeeJay – I Rep 5605 was made to be enjoyed at high (pun intended) volumes!

You can find PeeJay on his Facebook page for more info.

Listen/Download ‘I Rep 5605’¬†below: