10 Beatmakers From The EC To Look Out For In 2016

We at The Blacksmithed have noticed that the production on different project just keeps getting better. It has come to that point where we feel we have to introduce these people behind our favorite songs. So, in no particular order, we have compiled a list of the 10 Eastern Cape beatmakers to look out for in 2016:



SilasBeats from East London has achieved more than most hip hop producers from this province, boosting production credits on tracks with Blaklez, PdotO and Morale to name a few. SilasBeats has done more than just make beats: he has been a mentor for other up and coming beat makers and rappers, giving golden industry advice and running a very successful blog on his website silasbeats.info which has given many artists a platform for their art. Even with his success in the industry, SilasBeats’ credits can still be found on some of the top songs coming out of EC, for example M2kane – Venomous, Epic the Scriptwriter – Brand New Day and LLN’s Season One Mixtape.



Teedotbeats, from King Williams Town and former member of Abstrvct Sound, has led the race when it comes to trap beats in the EC. Teedot was part of EC Hiphop Diaries Season 1 and can be quoted saying “N*ggas approach me now… I use to send out links on Twitter and Facebook back in the day” and it’s hard not to when you have the freshest sound around. Teadot works closely with Lavesh almost like a Kobe Bryant & Shaq combo from back in the day! You can track their come up from ‘Sincerely Yours’ (2014), ‘My PE No One Better’ (2015) and ‘Make Me Famous’ (2015). Fast forward to 2016, the two have been signed to Universal Records and there’s no telling what they going to do this year; all we know is that it’s going to be huge. Look out for Lavesh’s new single to hit a radio station near you real soon!



Siviwe_Smash from East London is generally not known to many but the few that know him will tell you his got that flame! At The Blacksmithed he’s been named the King of the Baseline! Don’t believe us? Check out ‘Thoughts’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Trouble’; we could carry on all day. Siviwe_Smash is talent and his beats are not to be slept on!



EezyThaDon from East London, also an OTE member, has been making moves for a minute before he dropped his own project Pink Noise. EezyThaDon, who was featured on EC Hiphop Diaries Season 1, has been given production credit on various tapes like M2kane’s ‘Timeless’, Lwaister’s ‘Paradise Eventually’ and he has the skill of remaking popular beats like Coco by O.T. Genasis for fun! A prime example of how good Eezy is, is displayed on his single ‘Aweh’.



Skill, from East London (currently based in Port Elizabeth) is also a classically trained pianist and incorporates this into his production. He is very popular online for his video series where he remakes beats live in front of the camera, which you can check out on his Facebook page. Amongst others, Skill has worked with Toya Delazy, SilasBeats and B.laqphamas. All of Skill’s work is professionally captured on his website www.skillmusicsa.com and its worth clicking around.



John-A, from Bisho, has been included on this list because his name keeps popping up in the production credits of various tracks to the point one gets excited when he sees (prod. John A). In 2015 John A released a beat tape titled IYSOMITL EP, he also got production credits on the EP by Mimz Expo & Vile Blackspeare.

Isaac Wilson


Isaac Wilson, producer/rapper from Motherwell, also an OTE member, is probably one of the hardest working and trusted beat makers in the scene. Isaac Wilson has received production credits in a number of project including Timeless (2014), Paradise Eventually, Pink Noise EP, My Time Has Come, Xtion Figga – all 2015. It is also worth noting that he won a beatmaking competition which involved creating a beat from samples hand-picked by SA hip hop production veteran, Nyambz. He has worked with the Projekts on a track called Murder and produces 90% of his own work. Isaac Wilson is always solid, which is why most emcees trust him with their projects. Leaving him out would be unjust!

Jus Bangz


Jus Bangz, a producer/rapper from East London, had a huge 2015 securing a signing with Universal, landing big shows like East London Roots, etc. Jus Bangz has also been going just as hard in the lab with production credits on Hay’ Suka by B.laqphamas and Chandeliers in the Ceiling by Coniva, which he is also featured on. The proof is in the pudding there is no stopping JusBangs. You can get his new single, ‘Uzobuphi’, here.

VI Bittz


VI Bittz from East London is part of Dream Big Empire alongside Lil G and Azzy. His production can be heard on the Sky Scraper EP dropped in 2015. There is also a number of singles that have been dropped by the camp including Come Up Kings ft. Lil G, Aero, Azzy, Fade Orange and Young Gawd by Lil G that display how good VI Bitts is and he will be one to watch for the future. He’s also done some work with Blaqphamas on his tape ‘Running Late’.

Sly Fox


Sly Fox from Port Elizabeth, who was also part of EC Hiphop Season 1, told us that he was starting to make pop and R&B beat so he is versatile. The beat that he made for Oliver – In My Dreamz convinced us that he is a beat maker not to be over looked. We are keen to see him work with more artist from EC to push this movement further