REVIEW: Hasty – The Fix Tape

Hasty, East London rapper now based in Jo’burg, has been doing this for a minute. The first time The Blacksmithed was introduced to Hasty was on B.laqphamas‘┬ábreakout track ‘Nothing To Prove‘ off his mixtape dropped in 2014 titled ‘Running Late’.

Fast forward to 2016, Hasty is still at it and is determined to break into the mainstream. The content Hasty has been dropping lately has us looking at a certain magazine funny since they did a whole issue on underrated artists and not one word was written about Hasty. Y’all sleeping on the dude for real!

The Fix Tape is a tape Hasty dropped on the 6th of February 2016. It starts real hard, with a track titled ‘Retribution’. From the get go you are forced to stop what you doing to pay attention by his flows and lyrical content. The next two tracks are “re-ups” or remixes for the old school cats. Hasty spits over familier beats, the Composure beat by AKA for a track he also titled ‘Composure’ and the ‘Mama I Made It’ beat by Cassper Nyovest for a track titled ‘Blame Me’. Whether the AKA and Cassper Nyovest beat selection was intentional or not, given they are top two in SA, one thing can be taken away from this and we’ll put it in a Hasty quote: “he dropped the beat of your favourite rapper and killed it… dog can you blame him?”.

After the last two tracks that just beg the listener to compare Hasty to the best in the game, Hasty takes it further with ‘Drown’. Hasty features Travis Scott on this record and the way this song was put together from the delivery to the quality of the mixing and mastering, we couldn’t tell it was Hasty on the verse till he ended it with “I just touchdown in Jo’burg from East London man” that called for an instant replay!

‘The Gods Don’t Sleep’ got us at The Blacksmithed feeling invincible! The energy Hasty was able to channel with this song is unbelievable and this vibe is carried through to ‘Watch’. At this point of the tape we were sold; we could have called it a night here but nah Hasty wasn’t done… well, Hasty wasn’t done with the ladies. The last two tracks ‘Enough Of You’ and ‘Mine’ are tracks geared at the ladies and shows that he can switch it up. A lesson that the young bucks coming up can learn from Hasty is that even though the game is tough and requires you to be hard all the time, always save that 25% for the ladies.

The Fix Tape, with 8 hard records, is definitely worth the listen. If you want more from Hasty and if a dope video is something you would like to see, join The Blacksmithed and let’s vote to see the full video for #BrownDashAndHennessey on TurnUp by tweeting #Hot to @TurnUpChO. #ECHiphop is out of this world!

Download: Hasty – The Fix Tape