FREE DOWNLOAD: Mohand Baha ft. Sabs – Intoxicated (LIMITED TIME)

Download Mohand ft. Sabs – Intoxicated here

The time has finally come!

Sabs has landed an international collaboration with French-born independent artist Mohand Baha, on his new single ‘Intoxicated’.

Sabs, originally from East London, is a member of OTE Artistry currently located in London, UK. Whilst being there, he’s managed to get work done, including this track with Mohand Baha, which is now available for free download on The Blacksmithed Music for a limited time.

Coupled with the release of this single is the release of the official music video on 7 March at 18:30 on Mohand’s official YouTube page, which is also the date until when you will be able to download the song for free, so make sure you head to The Blacksmithed Music right away to download the song!

The song is also available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify and Google Play only for streaming.

We are quite excited for this video, particularly because of the visuals that have been released thus far. Needless to say, they look really great:



Download your free copy of Intoxicated before March 7 at 18:30 and let us know what you think!