OPINION: The Blacksmithed Top 3 Tapes To Date

We at The Blacksmithed have gone through a lot of tapes and we love it, but every now and then there are those tapes you live with. You eat, sleep to this tape; bae vibes to the tape… you get the point? Yeah! It doesnt happen often but when it does it’s magic!

In no particular order, here is The Blacksmithed’s Top 3 Tapes To Date. We said it before and we will say it again: add these tapes to your collection.

PeeJay (KWT) – I Rep 5605 (2015)



Total Running Time: 47 min

We’re not going to act like we were there the day it dropped; nope, that’s not the case. We actually caught on late when it came to this tape. Originally left off The Blacksmithed Tape Index for 2015, I Rep 5606 still went hard the first time it came across our desk. The production credits were given to John-A, K9NE and Twitch. This team provided the perfect canvas for PeeJay to paint 5605 and we got it… Jay Monate laweyi!


Hasty (EL) – The Fix Tape (2016)



Total Running Time: 27 min

When a tape bangs from intro to outro it becomes very difficult to leave off any list. Hasty goes from beast mode to singing on some tracks effortlessly and the finishing touches, mixing and mastering, are also impressive. The manner in which the tape dropped and the songs on the tape suggest that it’s the calm before the storm. Hasty recently dropped a video for Brown Dash & Hennessy which too is on another level. We got a sense that this is Hasty’s year… Matter of fact, The Blacksmithed is calling it so put your money up. Just watch Hasty this year, cava the moves sani!


Lavesh & Big Nasty (PE) – Sincerely Yours (2014)

Mixtape Coveer

@laveshDNA & @BigNastyDNA

Total Running Time: 60 min

Sincerely Yours is a Bay (PE) classic. This tape is really part of story of how and why The Blacksmithed was formed. Dropped in 2014, it had the founders of The Blacksmithed talking about it for months and from there the concept of EC hip hop being its own entity was formulated. Today you have The Blacksmithed (A lot happened between Sincerely Yours and the day we launched The Blacksmithed but we’ll save that story for another day). What Lavesh, Big Nasty, Teedotbeats and the guys featured on the tape did was unlike anything that was being done at the time. Not to say they were the first; no, they were the first we heard hopping on a new sound and executing it so well. Shortly after they dropped the mixtape, they released a music video to Transformation which again was unlike anything done in the Bay. Sincerely Yours is the bar!


Other Tapes Worth Mentioning:


Lwaistar (KWT) – Paradise Eventually (2015)



B.laqphamas (EL) – Running Late (2014)



M2KaNE (EL) – The Heartist’s EP



With all that said, let’s stir the pot for a bit: Imagine Lavesh and Hasty on a track produced by Teedotbeats; imagine PeeJay and Lwaistar on a track produced by John-A; imagine M2kane and B.laqphamas on a track produced by Silasbeats

Just imagine.