STREAM: Lonz Too Stoned – Tony Mo’mntana

Here’s another beat tape for all you rappers and producers.

Lonz Too Stoned just dropped ‘Tony Mo’mntana’ a whole beat tape for streaming on Soundcloud.

As you might have not known already, we hold Lonz Too Stoned in high regard. We consider him as one of the top beatmakers in the EC, hence his feature on #SoundsFromTheEast (the premiere beat tape compilation of ECs top producers), which you can download for free right now.

Lonz is a straight trap producer. But not that typical trap; he’s so experimental with his sound, we’ve never come across something like it not just in the EC, but the whole of SA! We’re yet to come across someone as experimental with their sound as Too Stoned. This definitely sets him apart from the rest.

We highly recommend you give this beat tape a listen. Hit him up on Twitter at @LonzToooStoned