Finding An Artist Manager

This topic is one I come across so often. I get bombarded with emails of artists looking for an artist manager. From the emails I’ve picked up that they want a person who is going to take their career up a few notches. They’re looking for someone who knows the industry to do all the administrative work for them. They want someone who is going to help them get gigs and endorsements. They want someone who is going to ensure that they eat well off this music thing.

This mentality opens rappers up to being screwed over in the long run. Here’s why…

Too much trust

I know that the people that ask me to be their manager don’t know me from a bar of soap. They have no clue who I am or what I do yet they trust me enough to do a good job. Rappers are too quick to put their entire career in the hands of a stranger then they complain when they don’t see any progression. Trust carefully. This industry can be ruthless.

Rappers can get lazy

I know I’m generalising, but I’ve seen this happen enough times to see the trend. I know what the story is. Rappers just want to rap. No rapper wants to investigate social media, find out how aggregators work, go to seminars on how to build a brand. It’s almost hardwired into a rappers DNA. This desire to want to do nothing but rap means 2 things;

1. Progression is slow because rappers fail to build their foundations well.

2. Once they find a manager they don’t know how to do these things so they are opened up to being screwed over.

As a rapper wouldn’t you want to have a firm grip on your own career? Wouldn’t you want to know how all this registration stuff works before you hand it over to some person you might not be able to trust? Wouldn’t you want to get yourself some gigs before you hand that over to someone who might not have a clue?

Give it some thought and weigh up your options before you decide it’s time to get a manager. You may be better off without one until you grow your brand a bit more.

Good day to you,