Sacrifice Is The Hallmark Of A Busy Brand

When did you last read a post that was encouraging you to rest. Over the past few years I’ve been doing precious little of that. I’ve had late night after late night of extensive work on my brand. The result has been a lot of work done at a cost to my ability to recharge. I don’t sleep enough and I know it.

Since going through long hours over many years of being awake, my body finds it difficult to get into a state of rest. 1am seems like a decent time for my body to call it quits. You don’t need to be a health professional to know the health implications of this.

Conversely, sleepless nights are a must when you’re working on your business. It’s normal to be anxious and feel a tad bit dizzy when you think about all the tweaks and edit you want to make to your brand just to make it grow. I remember doing many 2am sessions when I was in varsity to get some beat making concepts right. It took long hours of tweaking to get this website looking decent enough that I was prepared for you guys to see it. I remember staying at Jlawless’ studio until 5am (2 hours before work) just getting beats right.

Long nights are a hallmark of a busy brand and to be quite honest if you want your music career to be anything worthwhile you are most probably going to be very tired on certain days. There will be days you’re cancelling outings with friends so you can get into studio or write songs. You will most definitely be going out less to save so that you can spend it on studio time, proper mixing,online promo, merchandise etc. Nothing comes free and the one thing that you have more of than anything at this stage of your budding music career is time. Use that time to think, test, implement, fail, test again, implement, fail again.

All these things take time and when you dedicate time, you lose out on sleep and activities of self-gratification. Having said that, I recommend doing all this hustling according to a calendar or schedule so that you don’t end up with a minor bout of exhaustion like I did. Everyone has a breaking point and not getting sufficient rest will lead your body to have no choice, but to make the decision to rest for you.

Grind hard, but rest well. Make sacrifices, but within good reason. Manage risk and celebrate your victories.

Enjoy your day further