OPINION: How To NOT Get Downloads

Downloads are still a big thing and like everything things are evolving. ¾ years ago every rapper was trying to get the most downloads and this gave you more street cred and got everyone talking. This days it’s about what those downloads can get you and we see a lot of rappers going for the stream or purchase option.

Downloads are still a big thing. It might be bigger now than never.

But musicians are still using tactics that they used 4 years go. Some of these work and some don’t work.

Here is the process to not get downloads:

1. Tagging someone who is not directly involved in the song.

Tagging people has its perks and advantages. The advantage is that when you tag someone it shows on their friend’s timeline. This might mean your tag might get seen by a 1000 people.

4 years ago people liked being tagged in photo’s or statuses. Now, no one likes to be tagged because of unnecessary notifications. This is spam and not wise to be frank.

If no one comments or responds to your songs or content than the problem is with you and tagging people does not mean they will now start paying attention.

2. No one knows

Nowadays musicians feel the need to just post a picture and say their “hot” single is dropping next week. Wow !!Listen guys, people are not dying waiting for your new single, they can survive and will have a reasonable winter – without your “hot single”

You need to market correctly to your target market. The song, tagline and initiative needs to be intended for your target market. This needs inspection and actually seeing/know your crowd or the people who like your music. People can’t market because they don’t know who they marketing too

But marketing goes deeper than posting a picture, writing a status and tweeting everyone about your single. If marketing is for people, why not include them?

3. Not allowing us to breathe

Musicians and rappers think it’s appropriate to share their excitement and link every 10 minutes on social media. Whether you believe it or not, people watch your every move even those who don’t necessary follow our music. But there is nothing that screams “DESPRATE” than a musician that posts about his/her music ONLY. This is only a struggle for up and coming musicians and rappers. Successful musicians can just post about their music, even though that Is detrimental.

Allowing people to breathe is essential because it means you care about them. I think spamming is not just tagging but also having too much of the same thing over and over and over again. There is a need for you to use different images, videos and unique taglines for engagement purposes.

PS: Please bear in mind that I have not even spoken about the song, because it is possible to get thousands of downloads with a badly mixed, written and sung song. We’ve seen this over and over again.

What irritating things do your friends do, that will enable them to not download? Comment below !

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