Kid Tini: Gcuwa On The Come-Up

Many may already be familiar with the name Kid Tini, what you probably did not know is that this talented rapper is from Butterworth, a small town in the Eastern Cape. The 18 year old rapper is ready to shake the South African hip hop scene/industry, having just featured on DJ Switch’s #NowOrNeverRemix.

Kid  Tini, born Phiwe Tini, started his hip hop journey as curious 10 year old. “It all started when I found my brother’s mixtape back home. I got inspired and right there and then I knew this is what I want to do for as long I’m still breathing” he said.

Tini grew up in a community where there was not much to do, for him music was his escape. “A couple of my friends and I decided we’d avoid boredom by rapping in cyphers and making music. It was also just an attempt to stay out of trouble.”

Now based in Pretoria Tini has had to adjust in the bigger city. “It’s damn near impossible to compare the two because as I said earlier, eGcuwa (Butterworth) there’s not much to do. In the city however it’s a different story. Despite the changes Tini still managed to get his foot in the door with the help of his brothers and label heads Tinism and J Smallz.

“I believe I showed up at a time when the streets were fiending for something different, something other than trap. “Right now I’m just tryna make timeless music for the streets.”

Look out for Kid Tini’s new music video “Preach”- dropping real soon!