OPINION: Habit And Determination

Have you ever woken up in the morning with the greatest desire to just roll over and keep sleeping? I get that on some (if not most) days. I know that I can’t just go back to sleep, but I really want to pull the covers back over my head and keep on sleeping. On the other hand, how do you think some people wake up in the cold of winter and still manage to get a solid workout at the gym before they start their day? These people have mastered two important concepts namely;




As humans, we like certain habits. They make us feel like we have control over our lives and they bring normality to an otherwise turbulent day. When you have a bad day at work you may go home, switch the playstation on and zone out for a few hours. When you’ve handed in that big assignment you were working on you may head home that day and binge watch your favourite series. These are the habits I’m referring to.

How about in your music? How does all this relate to building yourself in the music industry?

Habit and determination are going to be the things that keep you going even when you feel like nothing is going well for you. When you aren’t getting the feedback you want or when you feel like no one is reacting to your music then habit and determination will be the driving forces that will ensure you keep creating content and perfecting your craft. Remember that music and other creative careers have a long, lonely and treacherous path that require you to create content on a daily basis to keep afloat.

Beware the person that tells you that they don’t practice. Practice is the only way mastery of a skill happens. Even after mastery of a craft, practice is the only way to stay at that level of perceived perfection. Habit coupled with determination will ensure you continue to practice diligently and get better at what you do. Habits also become easier to follow when you do what you do with more ease. Ease comes with practice. Just look to how you feel after doing 40 pushups every day for 3 weeks.

I know it sounds like I’m throwing a bunch of random concepts at you and you may feel like it might not really relate to you, but as creative people, we need to find the rhythm and consistency that allows us to create content all day long. Whether it’s blog post, music, videos, podcasts or pictures, developing simple habits will allow you to keep creating things even past the point of needing that (oh so important) thing called inspiration.

Here are some quick tips that will help you create good creative habits:

  • have a group on instant message where you can share your creativity. This group can consist of a few people that you know from when you started with your craft. Share work with one another and help each other improve through constant comments
  • set days for creativity. Use that day to either create or learn theory that will help you create. If you’re a singer then use this time to write songs. If the inspiration to write eludes you then use that time to read up on music theory. Make sure you don’t waste this time.
  • make sure you reflect and acknowledge how far you’ve grown creatively over a period of a few months. Appreciating your own growth is a very important act. It keeps you happy and motivated to achieve more.

After a few weeks of doing this, you would’ve developed good habits and getting into that creative space will become really easy.

Monday evenings are my creative days. I make sure I make at least one beat on a Monday. It took a while to get used to it especially if I had a really bad day at work, but I pushed through it and now I can turn on that inspiration like a light switch even if I’ve had a bad day.

The power of developing good habits coupled with the determination of reaching your goals will be an important pillar in helping you reach a level where you can be creative with the greatest of ease.

Hit me up if you’re feeling creative and want to make some music. My services and your creativity will feed into your good habits.