Swiss Da Goon Talks Investing In Your Brand

Swiss Da Goon, real name Chris Moyo, is a Rapper/Producer from Uitenhage. With two award nominations and a Diploma in Marketing Management from EMC under his belt this rapper is here to talk marketing.

“I started my musical journey back in 2009 when I was introduced to studio production and mixing. I then stepped on the microphone in early 2010 when I joined a company called Hip Hop Pharmaceutical as an artist [and] in-house producer” says Swiss.


Since then this ambitious artist has since taken the marketing of his brand into his own hands. “As an independent creative it is very important to invest in yourself before you can even think of asking anyone else to invest in your art” says Swiss.  “I was once told to “stop pitching an idea” and that I should execute it and then “pitch the opportunity” to the potential investor, because everyone has ideas.”

Despite the fact that Uitenhage is a small area just outside Port Elizabeth, the Hip Hop music is thriving. “The Hip Hop scene in Uitenhage is very alive and popping, the only reason most people don’t know about it is because unlike another city in the country we don’t push ‘This is a Uitenhage sound’ but rather ‘This is my sound’”.

While he acknowledges the diverse artists in Uitenhage Hip Hop Swiss stresses the importance of representing where you come from. “Chances are you might have heard a song from a Uitenhage based rapper but didn’t realize that it came out of Uitenhage with the way we are so different from each other.”


While seeking success in musical success, school was still important to Swiss. “Having a Marketing Management qualification has helped me in finding ways to differentiate my brand from the rest because as a creative you can’t just rely on social media to promote your art, you need to invest in yourself and find other ways to market your brand” he says.

Apart from the social media promotion Swiss is doing a radio tour where he goes for interviews at radio stations around the Eastern Cape promoting his music.

Check out Swiss Da Goon’s latest single “Legendary Status” exclusively available on his website