The Hustle Top 10 – EC’s Official Hiphop Charts

Same Old Hustle is a Hiphop show on Madibaz Radio hosted by BeeMighty (or just ‘B’) and Stabz. It has revamped its format and now dedicates its last hour strictly to EC Hiphop. The Same Old Hustle launched #TheHustleTop10 last week Saturday. They have partnered with The Blacksmithed and will source its music from The Blacksmithed Music Site.

How Does the Chart Work?

10 songs selected by a panel battle it out every Saturday from 2 till 3 and a winner is crowned every second week. The show wants to interview the winner in studio or over the telephone but this is still in planing and hasn’t been confirmed yet. The bottom 3 are relegated and the panel selects 3 fresh songs to replace them.

How Does One Get On The Chart?

Artists are encouraged to continue submitting their music to The Blacksmithed. To be considered for the chart, submit a radio friendly single and also request it to be submitted to the chart panel. Currently the panel has over 30 songs from The Blacksmithed and every second week they only include 3 songs so The Blacksmithed can not guarantee the artists anything, neither can the hosts.

Submitting to the radio station for playlisting is a completely different process. You can do so by emailing your song with the FULL credits/details to

How Did We Pick The First 10?

The idea was pitch to The Blacksmithed in June. We jumped on board immediately knowing the potential this idea has. We sent all clean and radio friendly songs on the website and from the package we sent the panel selected who the wanted in their top 10.

How Do We Determine The Winner?

The chart will be judged by looking at the poll, which has a 70% weighing on the final result. We will also be looking at the amount of new downloads the songs have gotten over the 2 weeks, which has a 30% weighing.


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