Fellow Musicians Are Not Your Competition

Musicians see competition as a bad thing and it makes them do the most outrageous things ever. The lack of support and love we have for each other is not just bad, but evil. We do not appreciate fellow musicians unless it benefits us.

I have done this and I totally hate it. I usually never support artists unless it benefits me! Maybe they tweet my song, share my video and speak well about me. I think there are different ways to look at it.

A Sense of Insecurity

Insecurity causes you to not celebrate someone’s success. There are a lot of insecurities within the industry that stem from jealousy, greed and pride. We compare ourselves to others so much that we even covet them instead of being encouraged by them. The presence of insecurity is the absence of encouragement.  It has barred a lot of people and most people struggle with this. The Cambridge dictionary defines insecurity as:

“Insecure people have little confidence and are uncertain about their own abilities or if other people really like them”

When people do not realize things like: what they are good or bad at, what makes them who they are, what were they created for, this always leads to insecurity. People who are insecure are always seeing what other people are doing well and how bad they’re doing. This makes them bitter and irritable when people are doing well or succeed.

PS – sending a congratulatory message or share or tweet to a fellow musician does not mean you appreciate them, it means you feeding your conscious. You’re feeding your conscience trying to make yourself feel or look like a good person.

You are not good person because you do good things because bad people do good things but that does that they are good. This is a heart issue, it starts there first.

A Sense of Entitlement

You cannot have it all. Get over it. Musicians think they can change the world and run it like the universe is meant for them and what they do. An example of this is you see how people call themselves “King of…” or “Leaders of the …” Now, this is not a problem – the only issue here is a sense of entitlement. You feel like you deserve all the support, praise and acknowledgement. A sense of entitlement is fathered by a sense of insecurity.

This crumbles everything, how you treat people, view up and coming artists and want to be viewed. The mentality of you deserve everything is not only helpful for your brand it cripples relationships and how you viewed.

Question, Examine Your Intentions.

How do we move forward? I think in order to move forward we need to question and examine our clear-cut intentions that define what we do. Have a look at the questions below and see where you can move forward: How can you build the industry not just your brand? What skills do you have that can be of value for someone else? How can you collaborate (with remuneration) with another artist? When was the last time you told another artist how well they doing or motivated them to well?

Ask yourself these questions and see where you land. There is a need for us to love and support each other with good intentions and not for us.