INTERVIEW: Award Winning PE Artist, King Meezi

King Meezi caught my attention when he was performing at the Nelson Mandela Bay Festival. I was there to see Mashayabhuqe KaMamba but once I heard and saw Meezi, I decided to step closer to the stage. I was sold at first listen,  a swaggy clean, chain rocking Meezi had impeccable stage presence and his set was really dope. After he was done performing, I pulled up on him to give him dabs and he was a cool gent about it. After that night, I remembered that I’ve seen him perform at Gondies so I had to school myself on who the homie is.

King Meezi is an Award winning hip hop artist based in Port Elizabeth. He is a producer, photographer for widely acclaimed FAME Ent, featured on an online reality show called “Life Of A Swagger” and an owner for FXCK FAME clothing brand. He has featured on Hype Magazine, for Top 10 unsigned rookies in 2011, YFM Full Clip – Siz & Scoop, Bay TV – Big One Up and SlikourOnlife – underdog in 2016 for his song Swag Talk. He has worked with iFani, Azi, Mr Luu from Point 5 and ICU from Jozi.

He released his first mixtape Stuck In The Booth in 2013 and IN 2014  he released another one titled, HeartBreaks & Roses. Since then he has been working on a new project, So Far So Good and has already released 3 singles from it, Everything Gotli, Nelson Mandela and Swag Talk. He has shot and released music videos for all 3 singles. Everything Gotli reached no. 2 on Bay FM local chart and Swag Talk debuted on Bay FM. He hosted a listening session for the project and also dropped merchandise to accompany the project. Meezi is really playing no games!


I linked up with the homie to find out about his new single and what he has been up to. Honestly, I must say So Far, So Good…


Q: You been teasing So Far So Good since last year, when can we expect it to drop? What direction did you take for the project and who did you work with in terms of features and producers?

King Meezi: Yeah I’ve been working on the project for a while, and it’s gonna drop next month. All the recordings for it are complete; I’m more than happy with the body of work. This will definitely be a hot summer. I got Acematic & Azi on the features. Mostly Jae Maq on production.

Q: You handled a couple of collabos this year alone, but you are yet to drop your solo single. Last time I saw you perform, you did some new music and you said you was ready to drop soon. What can we expect from the new single? 

King Meezi: This whole year I haven’t released a single to the public, I’ve only featured on other artists work. I’ve been focusing my energy on making my releases worthwhile and not just release music that will be forgotten two weeks later. When my next single drops, everybody is gonna feel the impact.  King Meezi “Waste No Time” featuring Azi will be my next single, Sango Vision on the beat. It’s a summer banger. 31st October!!!!!!

Q: You’ve performed on multiple stages across the province including CashTime Life Eastern Cape tour, Mandela Bay Fest, Cruel Summer, Africa Colour Fest, and Somido HomeComing, out of all the performances you’ve done which one would you say is your favourite and most memorable?

King Meezi: Cruel Summer 2015 in East London was a real highlight because I was the only local act who shared the same stage with K.O, Nomuzi & Maggz. What made it real special is I killed the crowd just as much as those national acts if not better than them.


Q: What goes into your performances- what do you bring to your performances, for someone who has not seen you perform before to recognize and how do you prep for your performances?

King Meezi: Expect dope energy, creativity and something different for the usual rap performance. I think performances are so vital and many artists take it for granted that you should just hold the mic and do your piece. I think it’s more about vibing with the crowd, slight interaction, and give them a special experience. Always leave something they will remember you by.

Q: You recently won Best Male Artist in the EC at the BEAT Magazine Awards. What’s your take on awards and what does this award specifically mean to you?

King Meezi: The very first award I won was by Fly Magazine in 2010 for best male artist. That was a city based award. Now I recently won an Eastern Cape award for best male artist. I think you know what’s coming next! … So Far So Good. So when I’m big just know I made it from home, PE, Eastern Cape. That’s why it’s important to me.



Q: Your jigg is always clean. The camo and pink merch is too much. What made you to take a decision to go into merchandise and having your own clothing brand? Tell us more about your collabo with Swish Idea? How does one cop the merc vele?

King Meezi: Thanks haha. Me and Swish are big dreamers and when we think of something we make it happen. People need to know that this project is serious; we want people to relate to it to a level passed the music.

Swish Idea is my manager, homie, alarm clock (because he wakes me up in the morning sometimes) and visionary. We just do cool shit so we work together on concepts, events and so forth.  We take orders our pages King Meezi & SwishIdea on all social platforms

Q: Lastly, based on your achievements and what you have done in the game. Would you say you slept on?

King Meezi: It is what it is, you get what you give. Musically, I’ve been quiet for a while so I’m not expecting major hype around me yet. I like the fact that I’m still well respected for my craft of being a commercial rapper yet I’m still lyrical. All I know is that after the So Far So Good project drops, its game over man!

Waste No Time will drop exclusively with us. Look out for it and the mixtape, So Far So Good.

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