Lord Feegic Set To Drop The Poetic Canvas

On the 5th of November The Blacksmithed was at the #MissJayCypher (We out here trying to cover the hottest gigs in the Bay) and to our surprise we spotted Lord Feegic. We say to our surprise because the only time you see artists at a gig in the Bay is when they on the poster but that’s a topic for another day. Without any hesitation we asked Feegic “When are we going to get that work?” Feegic was happy to let us know that he had been cooking all winter and he was ready to drop, matter of fact he is dropping 21st of November.


We exchanged numbers and caught up with The Lord himself to find out more. This is what he had to say:

Q: You dropping your debut project on The Blacksmithed this Monday, can you tell us about it, who did you work with and how long have you been working on it?

Feegic: Yeah, on the 21st of November I’m dropping a mixtape called ‘The Poetic Canvas’. I worked with two producers, MCEE and The Beat Box (Mas), it features guests such as Darkskyy, GeminiGrim and Doc. I’ve been working on it for about 3 months. This is a project that gives you an idea of who Lord Feegic is and it highlights my level of uniqueness.

Q: You have been doing this for a long time and when people hear your tape, I’m sure they will be able to hear that you not new to this. Why has it taken you this long to drop this project?

Feegic: It has been a while… I had a number of responsibilities, so I had to take a break from making music. It wasn’t a matter of putting the pen down though and I’ve grown from my previous project (Word On The Street).


Q: You had the single ‘Holding It Down’ which dropped late August on the music site… How was the reception off that track, what do you hope to achieve with this tape?

Feegic: That single was on my previous project, it features my day one homie and co-artist at Engaged Music. The track received a good reception from my home town which is Queenstown. With this next project I’m hoping to get the attention of solid hiphop heads, tell stories of a black kid in the city who’s on a journey to greatness and basically success.

Q: How you tell us about ‘Engaged Music’ what is that about?

Feegic:Engaged Music‘ is a record label that was founded in 2012 by Simnikiwe ‘Noiz’ Ncise and Bill Zuze. They are my high school friends and that’s where it began. Both of them are visual and musical artists. The label has two main artists, Sly Freedy and myself.


Q: How has ERhontshini The Republic supported you on the journey to this point?

Feegic: I’m forever grateful to be part of the ERhontshini The Republic movement and the CEO ‘Motion’ because they have contributed a lot to my goals such as the provision of platforms in PE. That gave me a good amount of followers here in the East Coast.

Q: The Hiphop activity in the Bay Area has been crazy lately… Are you happy with what you see?

Feegic: I am extremely happy with what I see, it’s exciting to see East Coast cats flourishing . I have to say thanks to The Blacksmithed because it has opened doors to the opportunities that dwell within the South African music industry. It outlines the potential of Eastern Cape hiphop.

IG: lord_feegic

Facebook: Lord Feegic

Twitter: @LordFeegic_05