Expect a new track from TSK

Brace yourself, TSK is about to hit you with that work, a new track titled, ‘Family First‘ feat First Born SUN. Family First comes after a well-received Open Gates. This is TSK’s first drop in 2017 and word on the street is that the homie is working on an EP.

“To me, it (the song) represents how long we’ve been supporting each other as friends and artists. We always had each other’s interest at heart”, says first born SUN. SUN posted the cover art of the song on his Instagram. The two have been homies for a min and SUN had a cameo on TSK’s WAV music video. “I think it was the perfect time for us to do it because we both have good things ahead of us and been working really hard. We always contribute to each other’s music but never forced the collaboration. We just waited until it was necessary”, explains SUN.

I had the honor of listening to the song and trust me, it’s a smash. Watch Out.