Sizzle And Emtee Go At Each Other

Many times I come across biographies of artists on the come up, what I always find interesting is the line “I have shared a stage with …(insert national artist name)”. This I believe is included to increase the credibility of the artist, their hustle and is an achievement to the artist, hence they include it on their bios. Many times the line is loosely used and has been for quite some time. Does it mean the artists have performed together? Was the artist the opening for the other artist? Or did it just happen that they were booked for the same gig? There’s no absolute definition of the phrase but Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the phrase as “to perform with”.

This dialogue was brought to my attention after Sizzle, who is known as one of the most booked East London rapper mentioned in a tweet that he has ‘shared the stage’ with some of the biggest rappers in SA including Matatiele native eMtee. In true eMtee twitter clapback fashion, he had some words to throw at Sizzle in dispute of his claim and the two traded a few tweets.

It’s also worth noting that eMtee tweeted the below and subsequently deleted them before the most recent tweet above:

Despite of who is the wrong or who you agree with in this case, truth of the matter is a lot of artists get away with saying they have shared the stage with so and so. Sizzle had a dope 2016 and with the release of his debut project ‘Brand New Old Me’, he will also have a dope 2017. We wish him all the best with his hustle

Watch the footage of Sizzle opening for eMtee here.