Dj Nature Drops A New Mix

One of East London’s most trusted DJs, Dj Nature just put out a new mix after a long minute. The mix kicks off with Nasty C’s Switched Up and includes hits like Ragga Ragga, T Shirt, Ooouuu and many more. What I love about it, it’s not your regular club joints and is a mixture of new and old joints.

Riky Rick even shouts out the hommie on the mix. The real surprise for me was hearing Young Money’s Every Girl on the mix (when last did you hear that song?). Crazy right. Young Money (Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj) recently linked up and that had the socials buzzing.

Listen to the mix here. For the kids bro. Watchu know? He is also celebrating his birthday Friday, Feb 24 at Ohbrigado.