Yahkeem Joins Sound In Mind Team At BayFM

Yahkeem announced via an Instagram post that he has now joined BayFM:

I believe with every ounce of my body that 2017 is the year of great things and achievements. It has been years of knocking on various doors hoping to be radio presenter. My ambition was so strong that at times my knock was too hard and annoyed those who would grant me the chance. I find myself inspired, excited and numb all at once by the realisation that this coming Friday at 22h00 would be our first episode as the legendary Dj Sebz would be banding over to us myself and H wonder to do Sound In Mind a Hip Hop show at Bay FM. I would love to that the Bay FM management team for granting me this opportunity. God Bless the builders

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Yahkeem now co-hosts Sound In Mind with DJ Sebz on BayFM every Friday night at 22h00. Be sure to tune in via the radio or on bayfm.co.za.