INTERVIEW: Bay Winter From 6th Avenue Tha Artist

This past weekend The Blacksmithed was in Zwide, PE, to catch up with an up and coming artist named 6th Avenue. One of the first questions we asked him was where did the name 6th Avenue come from, he said “Originally, 6th Avenue, is the street I used to spend most of my time in because that’s where the studio was but the name has grown to mean much more to me… I’m from a musical family and I’m the 6th one in my family to do music. Since I’m the only rapper in the family I feel like I went down a different road hence 6th Avenue.“

6th Ave first caught our attention when he dropped a track titled Bay Winter. Bay winter is the first single off the project he is currently working on and there are a lot of bold statements on there which intrigued us. We spoke about his encounter he had with Riky Rick and it’s not just bars, it has a whole back story. The one thing that really stood out for us was the ease 6th Ave has in his delivery. He played us his next single which is ready to go and the flames on that joint confirmed our suspicion… 6th Avenue Tha Artist is something special.

We asked him why he hasn’t released more music he said “I dropped Bay Winter on The Blacksmithed and I wasn’t really happy with the reach so I decide that I needed to grow my network, I’ve been trying to attend gigs, cyphers or any gathering where I can find likeminded people and introduce myself as a rapper, introduce them to the brand but this is PE, finding such events has been a hard task on its own. We spoke about the PE hiphop scene, The Blacksmithed’s definition of a scene is the presents of people. Meaning we can have the best rappers in the country but if they are not present at events then achieving a vibrant hiphop scene in PE is close to impossible. When we apply our own definition of “a scene” we don’t feel like we can say PE has a hiphop scene. 6th Ave believes we have all the resources to build a strong one.

Follow 6th Avenue’s journey to the release of his tape. Listen to Bay Winter and let us know what your thoughts are, did we get it right with 6th Ave?

6th Avenue – Bay Winter