New Single From Maxhoseni To Drop Soon

“Le ngoma ndiyiculela omny’ umntana oyicherry yam kodwa yena akayazi lonto ukuba uyicherry yam”, if you still remember this classic intro then you a real one. It’s from the one and only Maxhoseni, from his song ‘Honey’.¬†The Cofimvaba rapper has come a long from when that song was released until now. He was on the low for a while pushing other artists and helping them get out there.

In 2016 he put out¬†‘Ixesha’ and Impilo Injalo’ featuring Dj Joejo and Scelo Gowane, respectively. He is back with another single titled, Ebusuku Nasemini¬†featuring Scelo. The song is a soulful love song with classic Maxhoseni flow and Scelo singing the chorus beautifully. The song has already been playlisted on some radio stations and you can request it on your favorite radio station.

You can download the snippet on the song here. The full song drops in April.