SPOTLIGHT: Who is Rick Fingers?

The Blacksmithed prides itself for being the plug for quality Eastern Cape Hiphop. From time to time we go off on a limb and come up with these lists, we form these opinions but all of this comes from somewhere. When you run a website like ours and on a daily basis you receive emails, social media messages etc. you start making sense of all this data. A lot of research is done on our part BUT… with all that said we still miss one or two.

Rick Fingers has been making a lot of noise this year so before you @ us telling us how we left him of a list, we thought we should put you on real quick! Rick is a mad trapper from East London, crazy with the production. The “Fingers” signature on his beats are quickly becoming a thing. He first submitted his work last year August with ‘Cheque Mate$‘, we slept on that. He came back on the production of ‘Drippin’ which came a very close second on our January pick of the month. Now it’s ‘Caliber’ and ‘2 Much’, we are convinced that Rick Fingers is something special!

Much credit must also go to his team/artists Reebow, Kid Pusha and Tyson like the saying goes, ”There is no ‘I’ in team“. The stories they have told on these canvases have added to this rise. It’s been great watching them move this season. We have become fans of their work but we would like to challenge Rick and his crew to give us more. More as in a wider variation. We never want to get to a point where we feel like if you’ve heard one song then you have heard all. We would like to hear different moods, different subject matters, maybe a full length project is what we need.

If you didn’t know who Rick Fingers was, get with it, download the music and let us know what you think.

Reebow – Caliber (Prod. Rick Fingers)

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