April Wrap Up

We not going to lie, April was a tough month for EC Hiphop in terms of quantity but we still got our fair share of quality music hence this months ‘Wrap Up’. Read this months post on everything EC hiphop.


14 new songs were submitted to The Blacksmithed. The range in sound of music has been wide and this is something we have become accustomed to. Artist that really impressed us include Amica Maz, with his smash ‘Right Nah’, Slxck Mvc Jnr, Optik Nerve to name a few.

Pick Of The Month

This months guest judge is Motella aka Motion aka The Metropolitan Flamingo. Motella is one of the founders of Erhontsini The Republic, which was the very first group that said yes to us when we asked to interview them, today we are 3 season deep and going strong. Motella is a poet, artist and influencer. He was also part of Just Aya’s project which dropped mid April.

Of the 5 songs that were selected by The Blacksmithed the pick of the month for April is…

Title: Born Alone

Artist: Mr Douw

Producer: Catalyst

Motella said it best when he said “Born Alone embodies what Eastern Cape Hiphop is about, it’s expressive and unapologetic.” Born Alone has a strong message meant to uplift and Mr Douw uses his own experiences in the verses to drive his message across to the listener. This is a great song and it’s our pick of the month for April.

Mr Douw is currently working on an EP titled Torn Jeans so look out for that.


One tape was dropped on The Blacksmithed in April. Just-Aya, from Butterworth, who is a part of D.A. Labs Music dropped ‘Blunts Beats & Me Too‘ on the 20th of April. This tape is a solid offering from Aya. It has a range of sounds and styles yet it is put together in such a way that it is easy to play from intro to outro. Aya also managed to secure some dope appearances on the tape namely Luvo, Lwaister, Kay2, Motella, Msfit and M2kane. If you haven’t got the tape yet make sure you do so here and let us know what you think. Another tape we know about that was released in April is ‘Do Right Under Gods Sun'(D.R.U.G.S) by DaBlxckGod, it is also worth checking out.


Lwansta released the #NORMVLStill music video, we wrote about it here. The feedback we got on our Facebook page include Lorde Feegic who said “I F#*ks with this video, everything is on point and the content is relatable” and TKSoul who said “Art. Massive thumbs up, dope video, even doper joint” we couldn’t agree more with these two guys, we enjoyed the video too. If you had any opinions on the video let us know whats on your mind.

One Blood Sound has been releasing footage from their ‘One Africa Festival’ on the their page. On the 1st of April they released the ‘Isaac Wilson – Levels Live Video‘. Do visit their page and check out more footage from that night. The content and quality is great, One Blood Sound has shown us that there is truly levels to this.


Events from this month include: Friends Of The Athenaeum and #LongLiveLevitation. If you managed to make it to these events please share your thoughts and pictures by tagging us. May 5th MissJay will be hosting an event ‘Sam Jam Session‘ at The Athenaeum R30 gets you in.

Please help The Blacksmithed report on events happen around you by letting us know when they will be happening and how they went. Email details to info@theblacksmithed.com with the subject ‘Event’.