WATCH: From EC to CPT RapseedTV presents Daniel

RapseedTV rolled out the first episode, Daniel, in a series of freestyle videos which will feature different artist. Daniel went hard on there, repping where his from and how far he has gone pursuing his dream. We watched the video and felt a lil pride seeing him shout out “Eastern Cape Eastern Cape!” in the middle of Cape Town. Then he went on to unpack his issues with the east coast.

“Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape! When you from this place you got to move at a higher pace/
You know what they say we need more platforms than Grant Central Station in the USA…
They don’t know how hard I tried to trying to keep myself alive/
Judging me but never went through my archive/
Sayin they pushing EC forward, it’s a lie/
I couldn’t get a play or better yet a reply/”

We won’t lie, being an EC platform this had us double checking all our emails, cause I mean, the least we could do is reply! The video is very well shot all credit to RapSeedTV. We would like to see more EC acts like the likes of NJay52, Lux Kent, Saora etc. who are based out in CPT, on this platform. We will just have to wait and see.

Check it out here and let us what you think of the freestlye, this freestyle series or EC platforms.