The Escape Lyrical Festival

The Blacksmithed was at #TheEscape, an event which was put together by Feegic with the help of Happy Guys and others that made up his team, last weekend. The event was hosted by Motella, who was on his game on that night. Four wardrobe changes, poetry and a dance off just to name a few things, kept the programme moving. The SAMAS ain’t seen nothing yet. Mas opened the show and was followed up by Kenny, who did a soulful RnB version of ‘Trap Queen’ among other jams.

Motella aka The Bays Flamingo

The Blacksmithed got to see Mo, Darkskyy, BK, and Sadaf on stage for the first time. All these acts brought it on the night, look out for BK’s new singles that are scheduled to drop soon. The Decibels brought the house down when they performed ‘Energy’.

SlyFreedy came on strong towards the end with tracks like D.I.A, Window and other songs off his new project. In a conversation we had with him, he said “The project is basically done, its a matter of me just dropping it. Expect it in the next month. I want yall to be ready for it when it drops” We haven’t heard much of Sly Freedy on The Blacksmithed but his SoundCloud Account has some gems.

Sly Freedy Juliano on stage with Lord Feegic

Feegic hit the stage last. He performed tracks off ‘The Poetic Canvas’ with songs like Poverty Escaping, Sign Out and The Sequel. There was a real climax to the show when everyone who was familiar with the track titled ‘Sign Out’ jumped on stage to helped him perform the song in true Bay fashion (Friendly City Steez).

The take-away from this event, for artist, is the power you have. Feegic organized his own show and with that put other artist on stage too. It’s not an easy task but if you don’t do it then who will?