May Wrap Up

This months wrap up is dedicated to @DaBlxckGod who tweeted “@TheBlacksmithed Yo I’m keen to read this month ‘end of the month article, D.R.U.G.S and Antidote were dropped this month”. So true, so much new music was released this month and to know that there is at least one reader waiting to unpack it all makes it that much sweeter for us. We love bring y’all the music but love hearing from y’all more. With that said, I present to you Mayhem! Oh by the time you read this The Blacksmithed will be ‘UNIQUE’.


This month 9 songs where submitted to The Blacksmithed. Vile Blakky dropped ‘All That Jazz’ and has been pushing that single hard. JBux dropped ‘Protest’ were he spoke to the mayor of PE. This song got a lot of coverage, it also got JBux a meeting with the man. Jonga Phezulu by Port Heavy is a fresh joint and we got to see a collaboration from PE artist, coming together to put out that heat don’t sleep on it. Stay Woke!

Pick of The Month

This months guest judge is Miss Jay. Miss Jay has been working hard behind the scenes trying to push the culture forward in the Bay. She brought us the Miss Jay Cypher last year (check it out here). This year she is focusing on her ‘Sam Jam Sessions’ and if you have been to one, you will know that its an awesome experience. If not visit the Facebook page (Sam Jam Sessions) and check out what you have been missing out on.

Of the 4 songs that were selected by The Blacksmithed and sent to Miss Jay, the pick of the month for May is…

Title: Nontando

Artist: Gxarha ft. Sharks Nkonki

Producer: Kimosabe

Nontando is a beautiful story of a young girl with big dreams, who grew up struggling but remained focus and worked her way to the other side. The other side being the point where she can help her family. Its a great song with an important message. Stay focus, funda incwadi zako and you too could be like ‘Nontando’.


4 tapes were submitted to The Blacksmithed this month. Trap Talk, Drugs, Antidote and Through It All Ep. The amount of new music on these projects alone is enough to heat us up for the rest of winter.

Trap Talk was released on the 1st of May. Lavesh, Teedotbeats and Big Nasty were at it again. We have seen this DNA combo on ‘Sincerely Yours’ and ‘PE, No One Better’ this time they go straight to the point with ‘Trap Talk’. TeeDotBeats beats reminds us why we rated him one of the best beatmakers in EC today. All the beats were made by him and there were no features so this is a 100% DNA project.

D.R.U.G.S (Do Right Under God’s Sun) originally released on the 20th of April with the extended version re-released on the 5th of May exclusively on The Blacksmithed. “Filled with drugs, pills, alcohol and more drugs… They say they break you but they enhanced my art. They made me see my true form… A GOD…” and with that we begin the journey. It was cool listening to this album and reading the digital booklet just to navigate through project. Do check it out! Siyavuya DaBlxckGod along with John-A put together a master piece with this one.

Antidote was released on the 12th of May. The anticipated joint project by Lwaistar and EezyThaDon was finally set free last month. The two lead singles ‘Umgqibelo’ and ‘Bendo’ were well received so it’s no surprise to see this project fly off the site. Of all the projects dropped this year ‘Antidote’ was the only one that has managed to bring the site to its knees. This happens when a fairly larger number want the project NOW!!! At The Blacksmithed we like to say what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. S/o to this team for putting together this quality project. KillBeats… Just remember that name!

Through It All EP… released on the 20 of May. This is the first bit of work we have received from A Game9’5, this is the first bit of work we have received from an emcee repping the ‘L-Town'(Libode, 5160), yep we had to google it, and we appreciate that BUT pound for pound, this project doesn’t begin to compare with the ones above in terms of beats, mixing and mastering, cover art. We sat through it all and we probably wont be doing that again, well not this project. The one highlight we can take away from this project, is the effort these artists put in. They made their own beats and did their thing on the raps. We still want to hear more from L-Town. This is only the first project, now let us witness the growth. Was that harsh? Check out the project and let us know.


Mikkie – Bagrumbele (Official Music Video) – Mikkie has been putting in a lot of work this year. He dropped the ‘Andkalibali EP’ earlier this year. His currently the 5fm Rap factor champ, along with quality visuals released this month, Mikkie is really going hard. This music video was shot by STQ pictures, its worth checking out.

Isaac Wilson Ft. M2KaNE – Levels (Official Music Video) – Another dope video coming from EC was released this month. #WatchECHiphop is fast becoming a movement. If you down with the movement watch this video lets get the views up so they match the effort these artist put in. Check out ‘Levels’ which was shot by Louie Lee, Litha Mpiyakhe and Sibusiso Twala and let us know if you enjoyed it.

Daniel submitted a video which was shot by Cape Town blog RapseedTV. We wrote about the video here.

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