Era Error

Obsolete is a rather interesting English word that simply denotes that something is outdated and therefore useless. This often refers to old stuff. In the case of hip hop, it would be the importance of street credibility, boombap rap, dense lyrical content, general rap antics and the packaging of an emcee.

New school has a different set of values and KPI’s if you may.  To some, new school rappers miming is the thing, social media traction renders you “the man”, your gear, fluency in the street slang (you don’t necessarily have to be about your lyrics – it’s fine).

These have become two parallel worlds and two factions of the same Hip Hop Party. Politics of which era one is from or relate to outweighs talks about amalgamating experiences for the sake of the culture as a result growth of the very same thing we love is not at its optimum level.

No era is supreme than the other forerunners. We respect you for laying the foundation and now we trust you to take it to the next level and move the culture forward. Tragic is the refusal to acknowledge and learn from each era.

You are Hip Hop I am Hip Hop…

Let’s Build.