REVIEW: Trap Talk, Trap Talk, Trap Talk!!!

Lavesh and Big Nasty are at it again. Trap Talk is the third joint project from this duo, the first being Sincerely Yours (2014) and PE, No One Better EP (2015).

It’s been a while since they last dropped a project but a lot has happened since then. Lavesh, Big Nasty and TeedotBeats (DNA Music) relocated to JHB, Levesh dropped his solo projects, deals were signed and moves were made.

Source: Facebook/Lavesh

Trap Talk is in no way a follow up to the previous work but more of a continuation. On this projects the artist exhume confidence and deliver with assurance. In an article we did with Lavesh after he released his Make Me Famous EP, he described the sound they are working on as Drill Trap. After this tape you will have a good idea of what the coined term means.

We haven’t heard from Big Nasty in a while but on this tape he has Gahdamn moments, which compel you to put a track on repeat! On this project he has a solo track called True AF, which is testimony to the confidence DNA has in itself. The whole clique is packing HEAT!
And it stings.

Lavesh has been carrying the cross for DNA and EC as a whole for a minute now – trying to open new doors and reach further than before. We have documented most of his journey on The BL so if you need to refresh your memory search for Lavesh and refresh away.

On this project he brings more of what we have known him for. The rhyme schemes and storytelling style of delivery. DNA has decided not to experiment too much on this project so even when they do slow it down, it’s still ‘Trap Talk’.
TeedotBeats is the real MVP on this project. As a matter of fact, if there were beat battles and the rules were you had to select 3 beats from one beat maker – our selection would be Teedot, Trap Talk, Party Tricks and Joey Gallo.
Then we would go to war.

Source: Facebook/Lavesh

We have spoken about Teedots superb beat making ability before (10 beatmakers to look out for 2016) but it’s easy to forget an unsung hero’s performance so we will say it again: TeedotBeats is one of the best from EC to do this!

Trap Eastern Cape, if you with that movement then Trap Talk is one project you must check out.