REVIEW: The Turf Cyphaz Hosted By Ohayv

This past weekend we were at The Turf Cyphaz hosted by Ohayv. It was good to see the Bay scene come together just to kick bars all day. The rain tried to shout us down but The Athenaeum is a dope venue and hiphop is an all weather sport so a plan was made.

The cool thing about The Turf Cyphaz was the organisation from Ohayv and his team. It was advertised to start at 2pm and end at 6. It started on time and we were done by 5.30 which gave us some time to mingle and network. The cypher had segments and the program ran smoothly. It will be cool to see what the team,  at Turf Cyphaz, does with the footage. watch the space…

There was plenty of emcees and not enough mics so when you got the mic you had to come correct. The Blacksmithed knew half the emcees at the cypher because they have submitted music before. We saw Epic The Scriptwriter, Yahkeem, VJ Nakasa and the team behind his short doccie Nansti (iSpili On-Life Magazine), Just Aya, Cush Solomon and Hustle Simmons. There were more emcee we were not familiar with because, again, submissions but they were just as nice on the mic. S/o to the emcee that was repping Walmer up there cause #TurfLife.

Saturday situation was evidence that hiphop lives in the bay. We just need to spread the word and let the real emcees know. BRING YOUR BARS HOMIE! You probably wondering when the next one will be right. Not this weekend but the next. Look out for posters, tweets and all that for confirmation. Turf Cyphaz is here to stay.