EVENT: Yosh Presents: #CrowningDay UNPLUGGED

Grahamstown based rapper Yosh, ( or Yosh ZA), who currently has one of the most downloaded mixtapes in the Eastern Cape according to the blacksmithed.com, #CrowningDayEp,  is planning on making history on the 23rd of September 2017 and becoming the first ever underground Eastern Cape hip-hop act to perform with a live band.

The event will happen in Grahamstown at Slipstream Sports Bar popularly known as “SSS”. According to Yosh, “the show will be one of the most immersive and well thought out shows to ever be hosted on Eastern Cape soil”. Yosh also adds that, “the show is not just for me, this show is a testament to what you can do with a little focus and using the resources that you may have. With that mind state, anything is possible”.

Slipstream Sports Bar is situated on New Street, behind Checkers and next to Hi Tec.

#CrowningDayEp is currently number four on theblacksmithed.com’s most downloaded mixtapes. It features artists, YeYe, Ulu, and Excess. Production was handled by K-N9NE and X2DA?, and the mixing was done by Daniel Vorster. The mixtape is also available on Soundcloud.

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Facebook: Yosh ZA

Twitter: Yosh_ZA

Instagram: Yosh_SA