5 Things We Learned From Blaqii’s 5FM Interview

In case you never knew, Blaqii featured on 5FM’s #PartyWithPH this past Saturday. He said a lot of interesting things there which you probably want to know. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. B.laqphamas is no more.

B.laqphamas is dead. He died three years ago (of course he didn’t die literally). He now goes by the name ‘Blaqii’. The reason for the name change sparked from an incident that happened on Live Amp when Sizwe Dhlomo mispronounced his now-old name, ‘Blaqphamas’, putting emphasis on the wrong syllable, making it sound really weird. To avoid any pronunciation mishaps, you can now sinply call him ‘Blaqii’.

2. He is no longer signed to DJ Clock’s AM.PM

This came as quite a surprise to us, however we understand his reasoning. He stated that it was a decision that he had come to after speaking to DJ Clock regarding the direction of his music career and they just differed in terms of the way forward. Regardless, they are still cool and still have a good working relationship.

3. His new single, ‘Ndize Ndize’, is dropping 3 November

Blaqii’s latest single, ‘Ndize Ndize’, premiered on the show for the first time publicly, and it didn’t disappoint at all. The song itself was the result of an online campaign after reaching out to fans which involved them directly choosing which song they want him to record next. The song will be officially dropping on 3 November so keep an eye out for it.

4. A body of work should be expected, titled ‘LOVE & LEAN’

For the longest time, there were talks of Blaqii dropping TEN45, but it does not seem like that will be happening. Instead, he announced that he’ll be dropping ‘LOVE & LEAN’, a “body of work”. Is it an EP? Is it an album? We don’t know!

5. Blaqii is seriously making a project about lean.

Really Blaqii? Lean?