REVIEW: Miss Mediocre EP

source: social media

I often think that the beauty in music is that although the words can remain the same, as we’ve seen through time, the artist still has enough opportunity to recreate the sound.

In a song, the lyrics aren’t dependent on the sound. However, so long as the sound matures, do the lyrics follow suite – words are flexible. And so for this tape, I can’t help but feel like I am still going to hear another version – a more refined take on these songs. The lyrics deserve a gentler and interlinked sound. Something to take us through the journey – its actions, thoughts, and contemplations. But whatever the case, I’m always happy to listen to new music, much more when it’s local and from a new artist.

On the 5th of January Anitakinyi released Miss Mediocre EP. This is her first full body of work, in addition to a single she’s released titled Sea, The Confusion. Her work is available on The Blacksmithed, make sure to look it up.

With this EP Anitakinyi joined the BI, encompassing a very unique sound. On my laptop which has a tendency to shuffle songs, the EP kicked off with #5 titled Bye, Buddy. The song whisks in smoothly, with a trans-like melody driven by a booming 808. Anitakinyi comes in with a beautiful harmony, and as the beat drops – carries it with a rap steez. Almost reminding me of Lil Simz. I enjoyed the song, it easily makes a turn up, turn up!

I decided to let the list play on shuffle – I figured I had already messed it, so…

#3, titled Something in the air, heat the speakers with a distinct Rez Da Music Man beat, carrying the hard dungeon bass with a soft melody. Here she calmed the beat, spreading her words through the song. It’s a sing along, and has the tendency to grow on you. I hope you’ll let it grow on you!

So now, for my personal favourite, also because I easily relate to emotional-like music – #4, Always been for you. I mean, here is a song that’ll accompany you down a street on your way to campus, to work, to even an inevitable cry-session with a friend. Here’s a song to sing along to on those alone days driving long distance – well for me at least. I also enjoyed that it maintained the mood throughout, without any abrupt changes. I think that’s maybe another thing that sells a song, is the ability to be consistent in the flow you’ve introduced.


Kodwa, I must be honest, listening to the entire record I didn’t feel that it had a unifying sound. It almost felt as though this was a collection of scattered beats she got an opportunity to write for, and could amount to an EP. I also do think that Anitakinyi has something solid to offer, that maybe she should pick a producer who will also have the potential to be her friend – a relationship like this (I presume) would have a better result.

Thinking about making decisions like these, are what distinguishes an artist. And this is why I say I can’t help but feel that she’s still going to rework this record and release it as something that’ll hopefully launch her music career.

The Blacksmithed is always open to interaction and opinions – so make sure to check out this Anitakinyi out, and let us know what you think.