INTRO: The Book of Street is Culture by Dior

Culture-forward Creatives, Trend Forecasters, Game Changers.

The Book of Street is Culture by Dior is focused on building an industry and exposing emerging artists from across the Eastern Cape directly to the demographics that their sphere of work appeals to. These artists would be creative trendsetters; people who are paradigm shifters in their respective fields of work who are industrious and driven in their endeavours to tell stories that will leave a legacy and inspire the next generation of artists. Dior uses art direction and trend research to highlight EC’s diversity in the creative culture.

“I have seen that in the Eastern Cape art scene, there is no permanent home or platform that allows artists to be different, or if one exists, there is a huge gap that needs to be filled. The talent is breeding and creative minds are visible but not to the extent that I envision. The EC entertainment industry is still under development and this would be the best time for emerging creative to make a move and claim their due in the EC art and entertainment industry. I want to bring attention to artists who are in different stages of their artistic journeys and career, unified by their unique vision and ability to bring that to life. I would like to bring the spotlight those behind the art we get lost in, those who create new or reflective environments for us to engage in; people who create cool shit for a purpose.”


Dior an all-round creative, influencer, content creator, creative director, visual curator and exhibitionist, born and bred in the Eastern Cape.

Twitter: @Eeastdior
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Facebook: Teboho Dior Pule