A List Of All The Beefs Happening In PE Hip Hop Right Now

So much beef happening in PE and you only caught onto it halfway? Fear not! We did all the research for you so you don’t have to. Read below to find out exactly what’s happening, and listen to/download the tracks too. Thank us later 😉

Jay Monster vs Isaac Wilson

This beef was the first that seems to have surfaced. And it also seems as if most other beefs came out from this one too.

It all started with Isaac Wilson posting some button-pushing type steez on his wall – as he has always been doing. It might have been the case that he decided to turn it up a notch just a bit. Since the past 2 weeks, he’s just been going at rappers about how lazy they are, and how hard he works.

We can only assume Jay Monster took notice to these posts, and most probably reacted to them too. And Isaac Wilson seems to have noticed that too, given his next post:

Very soon after that, Isaac Wilson seemed to have dropped the post that pretty much set it off and started this extremely wild week of beef in PE Hip Hop. He literally dared rappers to drop a diss track going at him if they feel so touched by his status’, and threatened to end their careers:

What a heavy one!

We can see from Facebook’s very on timestamps that on this very same day, 13 January, Isaac Wilson posted the above at 6am. At 2pm on that very same day, Jay Monster dropped a post announcing that he’ll be dropping his diss track, “50 Shots”, where he already gave the hint that he’ll be name-dropping, saying “YOU HEAR YOUR NAME KEEP IT 100 AND PULL UP WITH A SONG”.

You can obviously guess that what followed from here was the release of 50 Shots, Jay Monster’s diss track. This track included a range of names, but was primarily targeted at Isaac Wilson.

And of course, Isaac Wilson promptly replied with his clap-back track, “Monster”.

This was only the beginning of what was to come.

Azi vs Jay Monster

By virtue of association, Jay Monster putting his hands on Isaac Wilson was essentially putting his hands on Knight Owlz. If you don’t know who the Knight Owlz are, it’s a crew started by Isaac Wilson and Azi, which has had a few extra members as of recent.

The same morning of Isaac Wilson’s dare, Azi also dropped a Facebook post, questioning why anyone would even think of beefing with him:

We don’t know the clear story behind this post, but we suspect he might have had someone tip him off about Jay Monster hinting at beefing with him (amongst others of course).

Three days later, Azi announces the release of his response to Jay Monster, “Hlomla”, which we suspect to be Jay Monster’s birth name.

Notice the cover art: it shows a target with bullet holes that do not even appear to be close to target, alluding to the fact that all the “50 Shots” taken by Jay Monster were a complete miss. This is also confirmed by the red text on the top right.

Azi’s track was very reminiscent of what AKA did with Composure, where one drops a diss track which also doubles up as a club joint that you can turn up to. It definitely had that vibe throughout.

Jbux vs Yahkeem

While all the newer cats were busy throwing jabs at each other, some of PE’s Hip Hop OGs were referenced in responses. Specifically in Isaac Wilson’s response to Jay Monster, he dropped a line that made a direct reference to Jbux, a PE Hip Hop OG from the city’s Northern Areas:

You stuck in a box, this is sucker punch/ The only Jay we recognise is the coloured one!

This right here was a direct reference to JBux, who is frequently referred to by those who know him personally as ‘Jay’. This was a direct shot at Jay Monster who is seen to be attempting to take the name ‘Jay’ for himself, not knowing there is an OG in his very city who has that very same name.

Jbux clearly caught wind of this, and by the looks of it, seemed to embrace it, and lace it with a direct shot at Yahkeem, calling him a “so called OG”:

The sentiment behind this line goes way, way back.

Back in 2005, Jbux hosted a hip hop show on BayFM called “The Present Testament” alongside Rushay. This was one of the earliest hip hop radio shows in Port Elizabeth at the time, and pretty much the only platform hip hop artists had on radio. The show itself was subsequently stopped a few years later and Jbux left the station.

Fast-forward to 2014, Jbux decided to return to the station and pick up the show once again, this time hosting it by himself and having DJ Kenichi as a frequent co-host + DJ. He stayed at the station until 2015 when he let go of the show and left the station to pursue greener pastures.

Around 2015, while the Present Testament was still well alive, there was a status update posted by Yahkeem that seemed to have completely ignored Jbux’s efforts, almost hinting at the fact that PE does not have a hip hop show:

If you do further investigation browsing the comments, one is able to see a comment by Star Nyembezi, who was BayFM staff at the time, commenting that there very well is a hip hop show on BayFM, and even mentioned what time it is and who it’s hosted by:

One can see very well that there is a like on that comment, which we had believed might have come from Yahkeem, to acknowledge that he does indeed recognise the show. But when one clicks on that comment, it is someone else that liked it, not Yahkeem:

But scrolling further down the comments, one finds a comment that Yahkeem did in fact like, which was a nod in his direction, suggesting that he hosts one:

And that like you see there? We can indeed confirm that was Yahkeem:

The conclusion one can only come from this was that Yahkeem bypassed recognising that PE had a hip hop show hosted by Jbux, and that he rather wanted to host one himself. And so this is when his drive for a radio show started.

Initially, he was hosting a podcast produced by Adon Geel, which he’d host on his Soundcloud. Not long after that, he was given a slot on BayFM, Jbux’s former host radio station, to host a hip hop show called “The Timeline”, which he is still hosting to this day.

Now, going back to Jbux’s status, take note of the line he dropped:

“My first time at Bay I was referred to as a mason / Ask the SM who was the MASTER Builder at the Station”

When he says “SM”, he is referring to the Station Manager of BayFM, whom he previously worked with hosting his show. But more interestingly, his usage of the term “Master Builder” is a direct reference to Yahkeem, who everyone knows that his complete stage name is ‘Yahkeem The MastaBuilda’.

This beef has definitely been brewing for the longest of time, and everyone has been able to see it, they just wouldn’t talk about it. At least we know that Yahkeem clearly saw Jbux’s post and even shared it:

Should we expect a diss track or two? Well, if it were to happen, now would be the best time to drop them! We’ll keep you updated as more news drops.

Meezi vs Jay Monster

Getting back to Jay Monster’s beef with pretty much everyone in the scene, Meezi decided to throw in a jab at the young guy too.

If you listen to 50 Shots, you’ll hear that Meezi’s name was included there too. He went at him, saying that he’s been quiet and not doing anything. We also suspect it might have had something to do with Jay Monster attacking his homies Isaac Wilson and Azi, or pretty much that Jay Monster was starting to take credit for waking up the PE Hip Hop scene:

Nonetheless, Meezi did hop onto it and took his own shots at Jay Monster, with cover art that seems to have been taken directly from a picture of Jay Monster and edited him reading a book written my Meezi himself titled ‘How To Rap’, which is the name of the song.

Platinum Gee vs Jay Monster

This one we believe comes from pure affiliation. If there is a backstory, we’re not necessarily aware of what it is. But what pretty much happened here is that Platinum Gee dropped his own response to Jay Monster titled ‘What’s This’.

Juby vs Jay Monster

Juby, whom we believe to be a photographer with affiliations to The Knight Owlz, also dropped his own response to Jay Monster titled ‘Pink Head’, which looks like a direct reference to Meezi’s song art for his response track, which features Jay Monster with pink hair.

Jay Monster vs Everybody

After all the commotion, Jay Monster announces that he’s dropping a response pretty much to everyone, but all in one track, titled ‘Niyaxhoma’. Coupled with this, he also announced that he’s confirmed interviews with “Good Radio stations and TV channels all over South Africa”. We’re not too sure what this actually means, because there were literally no names of radio or TV stations mentioned. But we’re very excited for him should this indeed be true!

Jay Monster pretty much made this a general track for the most part, but the only people he really replied to directly were Isaac Wilson and Azi. Meezi’s name was dropped in there amongst others, but we know who this track was really directed at.

Ever since, the modus operandi has just been to attack Jay Monster. There have been so many diss tracks coming left right and center. They have created WhatsApp groups where these songs circulate like wild fire. And in addition to that, people have been dropping random diss tracks that never seem to see the light of day. We’ve heard a couple of them and they’re really not that great; they’re just not worth speaking about right now.

We’ll be keeping this post up to date as more beefs enter the scene, so keep your eyes on this post in the near future!