NEW MUSIC: Jus Aya – Nd’thand Ez’wey

If The Bl had its own awards, Aya would be one of the nominees for most consistent artist in the Eastern Cape.

Aya has just released his first single since he dropped his project Blunts, Beats and Me Too. Since his release, Aya has worked to push other artist on D.A Labs Music. Aside from his stable, he has set out to work with different artist that inspire him in a series called ‘Project-Qha‘ which is yet to be released.

Source: Facebook Shadley De Lange

In the last month he dropped his merch for BBM2. This merch is not just regular T-shirts with a cool print. Aya decided to make custom T-shirts with unique prints inspired by the BBM2 project.

Source: Facebook Just-Aya Qha

When we asked him what keeps him going… He simply replied with “Ndine phupha netshamba so I can’t stop.” If you ever think to yourself, “I wonder where is Aya?” The answer is, his probably somewhere working on getting closer to his dreams.

Download the song in the link and watch the behind the scenes. Let us know what you think of the song and which other Eastern Cape artist, in your opinion, has shown this much consistence?