Sia-B, real name Siyabulela Maxham, is an Alice born and bred hip-hop artist who practices the skill of rhyming in a fresh mix of Vernacular and English rap. The BI got an opportunity to speak with him, and on this interview we share some of his thoughts on music, and what inspires his writing.

The Bl: Tell us about you music, what influences it?

Sia-B: My music encompasses elements from various musical backgrounds. It involves street-talk and highly influential messages in IsiXhosa and English, and other South African languages.

The Bl: Where are you from, and who do you represent?

Sia-B: I am from the small town called Alice, that is where I got the inspiration to become the artist that I am today. I represent the Ntselamanzi hood and the whole of Alice town as it indirectly taught me a lot of lessons that I am now able to share with other people through my songs.

The Bl: What inspired you to pick up the pen?

Sia-B: I was inspired to write by my surroundings in the hood. I grew up with a lot of OG’s looking out for me and I would spend a lot of time with them. They would listen to a lot of hip-hop and kwaito. As a result, my music is heavily influenced by these genres. Plus, I come from a musical family so it was kinda inevitable that I will find myself pushing the pen.

And as I said before, I was taught a lot of lessons by my hometown and the people who were around me when I was growing up and I’ve come to relate these lessons and everything else that is still happening in my town and in my life. These lessons and stories have become the truth i share in my songs.

The Bl: Do you have bad bads?

Sia-B: Lol now this question would have definitely gotten me into a lot of trouble if I had any of those. I do however have a few female friends who I just kick it with every now and then. Nothing anyone should have to stress about.

The Bl: What inspired ‘We On’?

Sia-B: I wrote the song because I needed to get a message across. The song basically talks about me telling everyone that now is my time to have my way in the industry. It talks about me pushing through losing my mom in 2015 and also telling my sister to stay strong through everything we may go through and the new challenges that we’re yet to face on our own. The song also expresses the focus I have and the hunger to make it in the industry and it also touches lightly on the dangerous side of my hometown. I may have also gotten myself into a bit of trouble in what I am saying in the song because I also touch much on the good times I like to have and getting around with some baddies.

The Bl: Who shot the video?

Sia-B: The music video for the song was shot by a very talented guy who goes by the name of Guera Man. He is also based in East London and has shot a couple of music videos that play on national TV shows.

The Bl: Is there a project coming? And who have you worked with?

Sia-B: Currently, I am working on a project that I plan on dropping much later in the year. This will be my first ever project and I am very excited about it. On the project I have worked with the likes of Number, B.laqii, ATG, Excess, NiQue Tii, Yardie Ontario, and national producer Ron Epidemic. This is definitely one project people should be on the lookout for. I promise you nothing but great and honest music that a lot of people will love, relate and vibe to.

The Bl: When it comes to vibe/groove, which place holds it down in EC?

Sia-B: It definitely has to be East London. This is the one place where you can get a great vibe all year round. A vibe that people in other places only get to have in December.

The Bl: KFC or Champs? (Be very honest)

Sia-B: Champs all day!!!! Yho ain’t no question about it 😅

Peep the official music video for ‘We On’ in the link below and let us know what you think.