WATCH: Kid Tini – Get Money ft Styles P and Stogie T

Have you ever wondered how far artists from the EC can take this hiphop thing? Well, Kid Tini showed us that there is no limit when he dropped his new video ‘Get Money’.

Hiphop fanatics in the Eastern Cape will probably attest to the fact that, it came as no surprise when it was announced that Kid Tini had won the Verse Of The Month Award for his song “Lawd HamMercy”, as part of the Slikour Online awards, late last year. Stogie T spoke highly of Tini’s rhyming ability on his segment ‘Stogie T Presents: Verse Of The Month’. Fast forward a couple of months and Kid Tini is on a track with the G.O.A.T.

Source: Kid Tini Facebook Page

Get Money also features Styles P. This is a huge feature because not many can say they featured one of the best artists to do it in NYC. The song dropped and moments later the video dropped with all three artists rubbing shoulders.

Source: Kid Tini Facebook Page

This was one for the history books. Kid Tini has been representing the East for a while now, so bagging major collaborations with these two legends was an inevitable occurrence – Talk about moves!

We are like fiends at The Bl, one hit and we want more. First it was Cinga, then it was Wedwa, now Kid Tini has dropped Get Money… We sense a project on the way and trust me, we are ready. Have you seen the Get Money video? What did you think?