REVIEW: StaticFlo – The Completion

Hip Hop globally is a male dominated sport this was evident when the all time 50 rappers frenzy gripped the internet. Bahamadia the US veteran rapper was moved to released a joint titled We are Here because it was baffling how rappers who are female were overlooked by the culture.

I’m happy that in my induction to the culture I became a fan of the game holistically not of sexual orientation. So many dope and potent voices are ignored because we engage the culture at face value. With that off the way I got hold of The Completion by StaticFlo a Neslon Mandela Bay emcee. When the album dropped she had a promising run I also hosted her on my show on Tru FM, she was seen on TV, she also represented on Mbzet Ladies Night joint boasting of a global line up. I was proud and man! she was pure fire.

Okay the point of this is not to profile but I had to man! You needed to know that here you dealing with a beast.

I popped the tape with absolute confidence. Voice in my head was like here comes a bar fest🗣.

First joint we playing Moses fam crossing two oceans I remember the song it was released in 2019 as a single. Second joint is massive Sykotiq on production the beat has character if you don’t know your story you risk being exposed. God! she features Reason The Mass. At this time my neighbor knocked and I couldn’t here them I was totally consumed literally eating on StaticFlo’s palms the flow is fluid and nothing static about it. She holds it down to the very end, by sound of it she had to be removed from that booth. That Nca Bostik moment if you know what I mean. Hunger and passion laced all over Mandela Bae, this joint is perfect to be pushed as a single.

Now I’m nodding my head to don’t act like you don’t know. She is spitting bullets with this robotic machine gun flow out of this world. Then Pillows pop featuring Amyoli a songbird from Uitenhage I’m totally engaged.

Thirstday, Roll Up, 2’sUp,  Scriptures, Royal one’s solid Hip Hop joints and I’m sold this is a dope project and this rapper is solidifying herself in the South African Hip Hop Landscape.

The subject matter ranges from traditional Hip Hop rhetoric, spirituality, womanhood, township dispair, introspective rhyme schemes and some other witty jabs. I felt Bayephi Abantu because ever since I moved from home I mostly get messages of people’s passing.

The production credits a show off, the likes of Adon Geel, Marro, Sykotiq, Catalyst, Blaq Scientist, Matic, Azi and more.

Okay take that in I know it’s a lot to chew.

This his her first project and in my eyes she has entrench herself with 15 solid joints. The album definitely has a replay value. Looking forward to the next installment hoping she will be more vulnerable, and conspicuous on woman issues as a man I feel her contributions are key in building our psyche as heads. Go out and cop The Completion.

Till the next Bl Love

Review by: Yahkeem Mavulakuvaliwe.
Host: The Urban Exchange
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