A Review of ‘The Conversations with the Crowd’

If my memory serves me correctly I only attended two Hip Hop sessions in the year 2020 the two I attended was pre the lock down situation. When the poster went up that Flash iKumkani will be hosting his 4th annual Conversations with the crowd event I received the news with eager anticipation. I mean I fiend for the culture.

Also I found the consistency refreshing. It was a statement on its own of the mans vision.

The line up as reflected on the poster made me look forward to another layer of Hip Hop in the BCM. I mean I was introduced to the region by Life Forces, Iintloko Zeenyoka, Good Fellas, and the likes this line up was predominantly the new wave.

First thing I noticed upon arrival was that as much as Flash has his people around him he was very much central to everything happening. After all this should be his legacy project and a springboard for the hopefuls from these parts. The crowd was assorted, all age groups were represented. It was motivating to see parents in a Hip Hop event supporting their kids. It can be cold when you are charting a course that was never walked by anyone in your immediate environment. So shout out to ooNozola I see you!

The first part of the show was hosted by Flash and a couple of artists went up and were received by a generous crowd. Artist like Khista, Lil Ace, Young Dayimani, were the first to Grace the stage and then this sound effect and recording filled the room detailing what is to go down and introducing the Host of the day from Mpuma Kapa TV he goes by the name Narcho who on the Mic said I’m his competition a comment I received with a chuckle. The man is energetic and has been growing with this movement.

Stoney T was first up I love his production would love to see him own the stage more. His set was energized by Reminiscing a song that feathers Flash iKumkani here everyone was up singing line to line the joint resonates with the people.

Ma Air came on embodying confidence and readiness. Beat selection is bananas and the content excited the crowd I was sitting on the edge of my sit while he move from joints like Siya Seya, the jam that gripped people on the early days of lockdown about Covid 19, his anti GBV was sombre and effective. After a his performance I told I found wack that he lip synced the other two songs cause he has a strong voice but overall dope performance.

Cliche! Dynamite comes in small packages well this was the reality when ECngcoli The Rapper Cnoja came on. Young and looking innocent till he grabbed the Mic. In simple words this boy is a problem. Ingxubakaxaka. His set solid straight fire.

Mic Legends have a thing going on Isho was a crowds favorite. I was particularly touched by icebo. A ncoo moment came when one half of the crew brought his mother on stage. Kids have energy and solid production.

I was also inspired by Acwesh for a simple reason that she is only 17 and a first rapper who is female I got to see in BCM in the 18 months I have been here. Many more acts held it down.

When the man of the moment stepped up the whole room lit up and they jammed with him from the first to the last bar. Amazing support and belief from his people. His messages of hope in between the songs kept the crowd going. I was touched by his mom rocking up on stage to support his son. We often allude to the fact that it takes one song to make it well Umhluzi is that secret ingredient crowd demanded an encore even though he gave us the glimpse of the universe released Remix for the song that is meant to drop in November and a video on the 1st of December 2020. What was particularly touching was a kid called Nkwenkwezi who turned 7 years old on the day. This lad backed Flash iKumkani word for word no diss to him but Nkwenkwezi was the star of the show pun intended.

What I take away from the event is that Flash Ikumkani is a different breed. 1. He opened his own event with a prayer. This says a lot about how he was raised. 2. He is inspiring and leading a generation. I went outside to catch breath and I hear these lads building “ndiyambulela uFlash bra he is putting our home town on the map I never thought abantu would talk about KWT ever” 3. The man is a chosen he has the heart and attitude for this.

All in all night well spent I would rock up again.

Till next time, Black Loveā€¦