OTR (On The Run)


OTR is a collective of 4 incredibly multi-talented individuals who all hail from different parts of the Eastern Cape currently based in Cape Town. OTR is short for “On the Run” which is an allegory about searching for greener pastures. The founding members of OTR are Eezo London, The Emperor Cy, L.E.O and Yung Silk, who all play different roles in ensuring the collective is always efficient. As stated above, OTR is a banner of self-discovery and originality hence versatility, consistency and constantly pushing the envelope are crucial factors found withing the principles of the movement.The movement was started early 2015 and below is an image of the logo which will operate as a symbol to indicate any work or design that has been orchestrated from anyone and everyone inside the Camp, The artwork was designed by Marion Dufrene. To celebrate the new establishment,OTR will be releasing a song called Top Shayela that features everyone from collective (produced by Yung Silk) to showcase the talent found with the movement.

Download Top Shayela here.