Eastern Cape is a “clique driven” province. More often than not this idea is viewed with a negative outlook – almost as though there’s the insinuation that without socially relevant squad goals, your personal goals struggle to find an audience too. This may be true, but the experience does not have to be uncomfortable. Port Elizabeth has presented itself as EC’s creative hub and as such, we meet a lot of talented artists here. We meet individuals who will not be left out, who instead create new spaces for us the loners to find our squads.

On 17 May 2019, we’re looking forward to seeing this group of fashion designers who’ve come a long way. They represent all corners of EC and are sure keen on taking on the fashion industry – they insist on being “brand focussed” and relate to consumers on a “how much do you have” basis.

Check out the poster for more details and cop yourself a few items, you might bump into your favourite artist wearing the same apparel!