REVIEW: 1000+ Special: Part 2

We pick up from where we left off in Part 2 where we review the Top Downloaded  singles on The Blacksmithed and continue on a pretty high note, check it out..


EezyThaDon x Lwaistar – Uber ft. Isaac Wilson (prod. Isaac Wilson)

It’s impossible for me to listen to this song without imagining what a jump it would performed live: Isaac Wilson once again on the production with some relatively complex sounds on this one. An aggressive piano riff starts it out with some hype chatter in the background (Stylin’; SKRR!) alongside a pre-hook, the beat crescendos until it mellows down introducing Lwaistar on the first verse.

He goes on to tell us about this mami he tries to take home after a crazy night of women and molly, she hops in the uber then she bends at the bando (Gca!). EezyThaDon swaggers through his entire verse from the moment he jumps out the uber with his immaculate shoes and flick of the wrist with a bottle in his fist making for a dope prelude before Isaac Wilson steps in for not 1 but 2 verses on this track. Isaac Wilson’s contribution to this track is what makes it the modern day Xhosa trap anthem it is with quotable phrases like ‘ngumakhelo’ and ‘mami thicker than sishebo’ and the hook embodying a very local “Sista Bethina” esque voice if you listen closely.


Ulu – All On Me ft. Ree (prod. Psyno)

‘All On Me’ is a dope track that takes self-assurance to its pinnacle with a hard hitting tone reminding you that they are on a chase for success and you can hear it all in their delivery. The beat on its own is a masterful control of tempo as it speeds up when Ree drops some impressive vocals and mellows down as KZN artist, Ulu, comes and just destroys.

The highlight of the song comes in as Ulu starts out the first verse with an introduction of his philosophy to make it: all on him, what he’s inspired by and writing on these beats. From then on it’s an onslaught until Ree comes in to intercept with the hook again and a second verse that ties a bow at the end where Ulu shares how people should remain original.


Mkenemy – This Music Thing ft. Scelo Gowane (prod. Gaz’lerhumsha)

Everybody wants to shine but nobody wants to grind, “If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that there is someone from your hometown trying to be a rapper”: the former is a phrase and the latter is a meme and ‘This Music Thing’ by Butterworth artist Mkenemy single handedly answers both questions with emotion, realness and truth that many listeners don’t acknowledge when bumping their favourite artists’ music.

How they got to where they are, questioning whether to get a 9-5 when you’re chasing your dreams and pushing this music as if people’s perception of getting paid and living a certain lifestyle is all its about. The song starts out with a sincere performance by Scelo Gowane over pianos and snares handled by Gaz’lerhumsha but Mkenemy steals the show with a laid back and yet thought-provoking bars you’ve heard in a while

This song truly embodies the plight of a modern day artist in the EC whether its them doubting the sound that they are creating and if it will resonate on a national level, auditioning to perform in a major event but constantly being overlooked, record deals and most importantly whether or not to sell your music, performing free and ‘dumming’ down. Mkenemy addresses all this in a way that means the most to him and it helps you get an understanding of what it is like being in his shoes

This song is not just a song about proving people wrong that it actually is hard being a rapper but rather a song of understanding and hope. Hope that if you believe and you keep putting in the work you can definitely make this music thing work.


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