February Wrap Up

February, the shortest month of the year, saw EC Hiphop step it up a notch. You can trust The Blacksmithed, your source for QUALITY Eastern Cape Hiphop, to wrap it all up in a single post and keep you up to date with the latest in EC Hiphop.


Last month we had the submission of 9 singles. This month we saw a total of 17 tracks submitted. B.laqii had his series of #ThrowbackThursday which contributed 4 tracks on his own. There was good music submitted from guys like Mkenemy, Reebow, and Gxarha just to name a few. Tasko dropped some heat too so this months “Pick Of The Month” was not an easy one. We have a feeling that this is only the beginning of our headaches and sleepless nights.

Pick Of The Month

Title: Y
Artist: Scotty G
Producer: Hein Bosman
Scotty G goes 2 for 2 in the pick of the month category. This smash titled ‘Y’ has us convinced that Scotty right now is in his own lane. He has the type of sound that we feel could cross over commercially and sell. It will be interesting to see how he continues to push his 2 solid singles. Hein Bosman did the most on the production of this song, we told you before look out for him this year!
Download song here.


One Tape was submitted this month titled ‘Year Of The Elite’ from the rap collective OTE Artistry. This project was very similar to the one they did last year, were we saw these solo acts come together to drop a tape as a collective. The interesting thing this time around was the depth that we saw from the OTE members. We know they are ‘of the elite’ at what they do but it was cool to see the likes of D’Obz and TK Soul grab MVP on this tape. One thing is for sure… We are ready for a D’Obz project, we just hope that the production on that project will be on the same standard as what we have been hearing him on lately.


February was lit with music videos. The increase in visuals has been very encouraging to see. If you have missed any go through the list and check them out. With an increase in visuals we hope to see an increase in views #WatchECHiphop.

Zeezee – ‘Savage’ Music Video
Luke – Blow Music Video
Lux Kent – Way Off Music Video
Incense – Hopeful Music Video
Lavesh And Big Nasty – Transformation Music Video


We dropped Mkenemy’s #Soso16 earlier this month. The video was shot in his home town Butterworth, if you have not seen it check it out here.


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-The Blacksmithed